Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Time to flea!

Please join me, and Sue from Birdsong, and 10 other vendors this Friday, and Saturday, at our Vintage Gathering flea market. We have been very busy hunting and gathering for you!
I found this sign at a garage sale, and thought it was very appropriate for my dining room, which has become my staging area for each flea market I do. I wonder if I'll be doing any dining in here this summer. Good thing I have a patio table outside to eat on!

This is one of the many projects, that I've done lately. I'm sorry, but I just couldn't leave it this gaudy purple color. I envision a much softer color.

Ah, yes! Repainted with Martha Stewart's "ballet slipper pink'.

I found four of these galvanized metal planters, a very worn green color. Again, I'm seeing a much more classic color. This is nothing that a good spray paint won't fix!

Simply Divine! Just add some boxwood to the planter. The concrete cherub is for sale too!

One more sneak peak, before I go. I love rabbits, don't you? It seems like I'm always picking them up, cuz their so cute! This is just a smidgen of what I'll be bringing to the flea market this week-end, so if you get a chance, please stop by and say hello! We open at 0800 Friday, and Saturday morning, and the coffee will be on!