Monday, September 20, 2010

Vintage Gathering Fall Finale And Recent Finds

The last Vintage Gathering flea market of the year is this Saturday, September 25th, from 8-4. You could start your day with us, and then mosey on up to BarnHouse, which opens at 9:00. We are hoping for some nice weather, so Mother Nature can get all this rain out of her system now! My birthday is on Thursday, and I can't ever remember her raining on my parade! Of course we are having a record rainfall in our neck of the woods, but the show must go on.
I found this perfect old crackly and crazed dresser a few weeks ago at an estate sale. All it needed was a bath, and some new knobs. Why do people always loose the knobs?!
I almost didn't buy this table with the metal legs, and nail head tacks, cuz it wouldn't fit in my car. But then the guy said his dad made this for a hunting table, and the metal legs unscrewed for easy traveling. Say no more, it's mine!

This table was from a different sale. I swear the guy was a hoarder. It was the only thing that I picked up, that he was willing to let go for a reasonable price. His shed was full of stuff, but most of it was falling apart, and to him, it was worth alot more than I was willing to pay. An old rusty flour sifter was 5 dollars. No thank-you!

Back to the estate sale..........I would say this old library table, was the most exciting thing I found! It has two drawers on the other side. It would be so cool for a dining table.

This old cupboard will be great for displaying stuff. It has a bunch of shelves inside too. More painting to do!

I almost didn't see this quilt at the estate sale, cuz I was so busy looking at all the cool junk. From the corner of my eye, I saw a lady hold it up, and for some reason, she didn't want it. I did a show motion run over there, looked at it, and it was all hand stitched! This quilt was huge! I can't ever imagine having that much time in my life to do something so beautiful as that. I don't know that much about quilts, but I know it was worth alot more than what I gladly paid.

Does anyone know what a quilt this size might go for? So much to learn in this business.

Also found an old industrial cart at the estate sale. If I were smart, I would keep this to haul all my junk around. I'll keep it for awhile ..........I have at least another show planned, but we'll save that for another day.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Flea Market & Anniversary Party at Uncovered Ruby!

This Saturday, September 18th, be sure and set your clock early, cuz the party starts at 8AM!
The back parking lot will be magically transformed into a full blown flea market, with alot of very talented vendors anxiously awaiting you. If you have not started your fall decorating, this is sure to get you in the mood! I know I can hardly wait!
I have a really cute vanity and bench for sale inside the shop at Uncovered Ruby. Did I mention that the shop is having a sale too? Another good reason to come early!

I snapped only a few pictures of my booth, as I will be taking another load before the sale this Saturday. I can't show you everything...........that would ruin the fun!

On another note, I might as well show you what I've been up too. I've been up to my eyeballs in paint! When I found those three finials, the color was all wrong. They turned out as beautiful as I imagined! I am finding that the more that I paint, the more confident I am becoming with my projects. I am learning so much! Someday I hope to graduate to power tools!

I love old mirrors! Don't you? I have quite a few in my house. I have so many, that some people might think I'm vain. Nah.............

This cubby shelf thing has been sitting in the garage waiting for paint, for almost a year now. I finally felt inspired to paint it. Those cubby holes took some time!

I saw a picture in a magazine of a painted cuckoo clock, and I thought it was so beautiful! Of course it was alot of moola too. So I said to myself, if I ever find a cuckoo clock, I'm going to do that! Did I also mention that I found this last summer? My statue of limitations is a it now.....or I never, ever, will. I didn't feel too bad spray painting it, cuz it doesn't work any more, but a cuckoo clock is like a work of art. Just because it doesn't work, doesn't mean it isn't beautiful.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some new finds

Well, I've been blogging enough about my personal life on my last two posts. Now I need to get back to some good junky business! Remember that really hot day about a month ago, that reached a 100 degrees? Well, it turned out to be a very good junking day for me. There weren't too many garage saler's out that day, so I didn't have to fight anybody off! This big corner shelf will have to get some new paint. On the shelf is a vintage rooster, a funny sign, and an old cookie jar. On the ground is an old army blanket, chalkware doggie dish, a ledger, and old tin.
I thought this rolling cart was cool, cuz it folds up. A couple of old metal kids chairs, a couple of old wheels, old metal rakes, old drawer, shabby shutters, and some picket fence.

I always have to pick up vintage Christmas stuff. It's never to early to be thinking about Christmas. This Santa is cute, he is battery operated.

Another pile of stash! An old toolbox, granite ware muffin tin, and coffeepot, old scale, large enamelware pitcher, shabby stool, and a shabby lamp. This is all such great stuff for some Fall decorating!

A Victorian doll buggy, with a couple of old dolls to boot!

Love the chair in the middle! I have never seen a chair as pretty, and dainty as this! The lady I got this from said her mother had all different chairs around the kitchen table, and this was one of those chairs. The two darker oak chairs are just classics. The shabby little footstool has already got a new paint job. And a wrought iron spiral shelf to display your pumpkins on.

Cute little old rusty wagon, metal shelves, and a John Deere tractor. My daddy was a farmer, and he swore by good old John Deere. Another old ledger, and old horsehair brush.

Oh yes! the garage sale gods were very good to me! I actually found this stuff by simply following a sign. It wasn't on the list, but some times you just have to venture off the planned list! A very nice vintage dress form, wicker dress form, shoe forms, suitcase, hanger display form, and train case. I've already repainted the cute little dresser. No ivy for me please!

Pretty frame........

The hubs started fixing this dresser, as soon as I got it home. It has a bunch of ornate molding, so it will look great after some paint.

Got this from an estate sale of an old WW2 vet. He was a Flying Tiger.

This is his old army trunk, another shabby wagon, and rusty wheelbarrow for some fun Fall displays. Gotta go, the hubs is calling me to go to the gym. I gotta keep fit, cuz junking isn't for the weak!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Walking to the beach

Last week-end I took alittle walk to Seaside, Oregon. That would be 127 miles from Portland. It's called the Portland to Coast, and it's the largest relay race in the Pacific Northwest. There are 1,000 running teams (Hood to Coast), and 400 walking teams. My walking team consists of two guys, and six girls, all in one van until we reach the beach. Yep, it's nice and cozy! And yep, we do get smelly! It's a good thing we like each other! Everyone on my team has to walk three legs, which are approximately 5-6 miles each. Oh yeah, and we have to walk fast.....very fast!
After only 15 miles into the race, we had some van trouble. Good grief!, this picture looks too much like a picture from my camping trip a month ago. I do not want to repeat that! After a minor repair of replacing the fan belt, we are on our way. Now, remember, while the van is getting fixed our walker is still walking, and probably praying alot!

This is Heather, and she is the last walker on our team. She already has done two miles uphill in this picture, and is ready to start Pittsburgh Hill. Anyone who has done Hood to Coast, does not ever forget THAT hill! It continues uphill, but turns to gravel. Have you ever tried to walk really fast in gravel?! Not much fun..Heather is smiling, just thinking about what lays ahead....NOT! Please do not ever put me on that hill!

Heather passes off to me, and I start my second leg walking the remaining 5 miles in gravel. If you look really close behind me, it looks like the hillbillies live there. They were burning their garbage that day....lovely smell! I always get alittle nervous passing this here place. I am also smiling here, but don't let that fool you! My butt is actually on fire! And I mean that, in a painful sort of way. Every year I ask myself, why I do this?! Oh yeah, it's fun?

Here is Kari, Jason, Robin, Teresa, and Heather standing around waiting for Tom to come flying in any minute, and hand off to Jody.

Oh yeah! This is why we do this every year. Party at the beach! This band was awesome! Even after walking close to 20 miles each, we still manage to shake out booties!

The weather was perfect....beautiful sunset.....

And we won third place in mixed walking!!! Number 3, out of 110 mixed teams, and 19th overall, out of 400 teams. Not bad for a bunch of country folks! I am very proud to be on this team. Thank you "Diamonds In The Rough"!