Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Holiday Junkfest Is Coming!

This is my newest holiday helper, sporting her very best Plucky Maiden outfit. She is anxiously awaiting to meet and greet all you holiday shoppers! The sleigh (trailer) is packed and ready to fly! I hope to see you all there! This is an event, not to be missed! Shoppers will be given a map that will have all the vendor locations in both the Grand Lodge and the Children's Cottage. Me, and a bunch of my friends from A Vintage Gathering will all be set up in the cottage, as well as many other fabulous vendors. Let the holiday season begin!

Monday, October 17, 2011

I Love New York

I love traveling in the Fall, and this year I thought a trip to New York would be fun. However, I really don't care so much about the big city, but I have heard upper New York in the Fall is beautiful. My daughter , and her boyfriend, just moved to Syracuse, NY, so this would be perfect! And besides, this would be a belated birthday trip for me, and the hubs just needed some r and r.

The first two nights we stayed in the adorable town of Skaneateles. A lakeside village that sits on 16 miles of a beautiful lake. When you think of small town USA, and how you wished your little town looked, this place was the perfect example. Every one's porches were decked out in all of Autumns glory with pumpkins, mum's, and cornstalks. You can tell these people must love their cute little town. And, we found the best place to eat! Be sure and visit "Doug's Fish Fry". There is a line out the door, almost every day, but the wait is totally worth it!

The weather was 75-80 degrees while we were there, which makes for some great day trips. As we were driving around the lake, we noticed alot of cars at this place, so I wanted to see what all the excitement was all about. Ahhh.....Mackenzie-Childs, the designer! We were passing through Aurora NY, and I had no idea that her shop/house was just around the corner from us. What a great surprise! She has been featured several times in Country Living magazine, so I knew what all the hoopala was all about!

Of course, I must check this out for myself! Proceed with caution!...........

If you are on a budget, this is not the place for you, but the eye candy is amazing! I would have to say that the black and white checks were my favorite. Everything kind of reminds me of a tea party with Alice in Wonderland.

Everything was alot of color and patterns, which is a bit much for me. However, all the ladies in the shop were going ga-ga over it! All I could think of was all the starving children in the world, while all the rich ladies were ringing up their purchases. I mean everything I picked up, was at least $100. Ok, there was a small bowl, for only $90! I guess I am just so thrifty, that it is so hard to justify charging crazy prices. I wasn't going to buy anything, and I even walked out of the shop empty handed, but a greater force pulled me back in. I knew I would be mad at myself, if I at least didn't buy a little souvenir from this wonderful place. So I ended up buying a cute little compote bowl, and YES, I will be using it at my next party. I told my husband, that if I die first, please DO NOT let this little bowl end up in the garage sale!

Sorry for the side shot of the mannequin, but isn't this interesting? I think it was going for around $3,000, but it was one of a kind, and all hand-crafted. Wouldn't this be a good way to use up all our odds and ends that us junkers tend to accumulate?

Next up for a day trip, was a drive to Cooperstown, NY, which is the home of the baseball hall of fame. The drive was beautiful with all the fall colors! I just love the little white church down in the valley.

Sightseeing makes me thirsty, and New York has some great hand-crafted breweries! Ommegang brewery was just outside of Cooperstown, and their brews were excellent!

The famous DoubleDay field in Cooperstown......where dreams are played.

Another day trip of just driving around randomly, we stumbled on a harvest festival in Mexico, NY. Any time I see a line of cars now, I'm thinking there is something really great on the other side! I did not know it, but apples are a very big deal in New York. I was surprised to learn that NY is the number two apple producing state. I never pass up a photo op with my daughter in it, and then we quickly got in line for a carmel apple and apple fritter! Isn't it funny how you crave certain foods during certain times of the year?

In New York, they give you a bag, and you can go pick your own apples. I could not believe how many people were doing this, and very excited about it! I guess when you are surrounded by apple trees your whole life in Washington, you just take it for granted. I am lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest!

We saved our best day trip, with a drive to Niagara Falls. This place was on my bucket list, and I was not leaving NY without seeing it. Can I just say AMAZING!!!

Pictures do not do this place justice. The experience of being there, and seeing all that power was incredible.

To get a closer view, one must ride the "Maid of the Mist", to get the whole windy and wet experience. Of course we were upfront, and totally loving it!

Rain poncho's are provided with the admission on the boat ride, and you do need them! My daughter, Alicia, her boyfriend Chad, and the hubs are all giddy about just getting soaked. It's not everyday that we can get a shower by the great Niagara Falls! It helped that this was another 80 degree day in October too!

Up close and personal with the American Falls.

I could not snap enough pictures.......everything was soooo pretty! What a great vacation! Now back home to the real life. Everything is beautiful here too, with all of our fall colors. It's just that all that junk I left in my garage at home is still there. And with that, I must get going on it, as I have several shows planned in the near future.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Final Fall Flea!

I just love the change of the seasons, and our final show of the year for A Vintage Gathering, will provide lots of yummy Fall goodness. We are having a twilight show September 16th, from 5-8pm, complete with a campfire again. And on September 17th, all day from 8-4pm. I wish I had some autumn eye candy for you, but blogger does not want to download my pictures! So you will just have to trust me, when I say it will be awesome! We have a full house of 16-17 vendors. See ya there!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Looks like a great week-end for a flea market!!

Greetings my friends! I hope you are ready for a great flea-market week-end, because there is ALOT going on!! First off, A Vintage Gathering has decided to add a candlelight sale on Friday, July 29th, from 5-9pm. There will be a campfire burning, with some old fashioned marshmellow roastin' going on. Who doesn't LOVE a nice warm goey marshmellow!!?? My friend Jenny, will be singing for us a well. She sings some wonderful americana, country music.

On Saturday, July 30th, our hours are 8-4pm. I forgot to tell you that we will have the most vendors, that we have ever had. We will have 20 vendors, and I believe one gal is coming all the way from Eugene to be a vendor with us! We have a great lineup! There will also be a food cart on site for you. They make awesome expresso's too, so no need to stop somewhere else.

Up the road, our good friends from Barnhouse are having their big flea-market too! Alot of my friends will be vendors there. Too bad I can't be in two places at once! I believe their sale starts at 9am on Saturday. So, you can see, you can make a day of it! The last three pictures were from our last flea-market, and I have been shopping like crazy, and have ALOT of new stuff!

I will also be having a sale in my space at Uncovered Ruby in Battle Ground. This wrought iron bench is still waiting to sit on somebody's porch.

We at A Vintage Gathering, and Uncovered Ruby look forward to seeing to seeing you all! The weather is gonna be SUNNY, SUNNY, SUNNY! And just that, makes me excited!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

It Must Be Time For Another Vintage Gathering Flea Market, Cuz My House Looks Like A Furniture Store!

I am up to my arms and body parts in vintage furniture! I really would like to have my house back, as it is looking like a scene from "Hoarders". I have been saving all of it for better weather, and thankfully it is looking good for this Saturday!

She was a bit too sparkly for me, so I had to spray paint her white. It will go with all of her outfits!

I found this baby last summer, and it is awesome! If I had the room, she would be a keeper, right in my dining room.

Oops! It got in there twice! She is sooo vain......

I thought I would do up some chairs to sit around the library table. I just happened to find six very sturdy old chairs, with nail head trim. I had a vision. The next time I even think about painting that many chairs, I think I'll shoot myself! I should be painting the last two chairs right now, but no, I am blogging and avoiding it, and then I still have to recover the seats....I need more coffee!

My Mom will be helping at the sale on Saturday. She is the best Mom ever! She has a birthday in a few days too. She will be 75. Don't tell her I told you her age, cuz she would kill me. Just wish her a Happy Birthday! Next to her, is my beautiful daughter, Alicia. She just graduated from Portland State, and she is headed to Syracuse, NY to grad school. I am so proud of her! In front is my sister Jeanna, and her beautiful daughter, Shelby. Jeanna had her own space at our last AVG sale, and she is hooked! She is gathering up more stuff for the July sale, and sitting this one out. Isn't if funny how these flea markets seem to turn into a family affair? I am so very lucky.

We will have some new guest vendors for our June sale, and I can tell you that I have seen their talent. They have some very neat stuff. I am really loving these AVG flea's, cuz each one is different. The start time will be 0800!!! Gotta go finish painting some chairs....

Friday, May 27, 2011

Vintage Gathering Flea Market Tommorrow!

First of the season flea market for our group starts tomorrow at 0800, and goes to 4:00. Today we will be dodging the rain pellets, and setting up our goods for you. Tomorrow promises to be a better day, weather wise............I hope! We will have fourteen vendors waiting for you, so please come on over for a visit. Most of your favorite past vendors will be there, as well as some new guest vendors. I know I am really looking forward to seeing what they have to offer! Everyone has been working really hard to put on a great show.

These few pictures are just a sample of what I have for sale. I know summer has to come eventually, so I hope all my wrought iron furniture will get you inspired for some sunny weather!

Vintage Gathering Flea Market Tommorrow!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Garden Fair Tommorrow!

The Plant and Garden Fair at the Camas High School starts at 0900 tomorrow morning! With or without the sun, the show must go on! They are calling for scattered showers, so lets hope they scatter elsewhere! I have been going to this show for alot of years, and alittle rain does not keep this crowds away. Remember, this year is in a different location, and Camas High School is NOT in Camas. Be sure and map quest the address, take your GPS, or follow the signs from Lacamas Lake. The address is 26900 SE 15th street, Camas, WA.

This baby is loaded, and ready to roll! It's filled to the brim with vintage wrought iron, concrete goodies, birdcages, benches, and lots of everything else.

The hubs even slapped together a table for me. I found the awesome chippy table base, at a sale last month. It was in a pile of junk, turned upside down, and I could see that it was destined for something much greater. Of course when I drug it home, the hubby just shook his head. After he added some boards to it, I painted it up, and then he then saw it's great potential. I know I am just loving it!

Hope to see you tomorrow, and please bring alittle sunshine our way! And Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's!

P.S. Don't forget that our first Vintage Gathering Flea Market is less than a month away too. Mark your calenders for May 28th.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting ready for the Camas plant and garden show

Attention all you plant, and all things for the garden lovers! The 14th annual Mother's Day plant and garden fair is coming up on Saturday, May 7th at the Camas High School. There will be over 80 vendors, and they have moved it to this different location, so there is more room for everyone. The address is 26900 SE 15th St. Camas, WA. My mom, and I go to this every year, but this year, I am a vendor! I am very excited, because I have a ton of stuff that would look great in your yard or garden. I have been making a few signs.
I have been finding alot of neat garden stuff. This picket fence shelf will have to be painted!
I love vintage flower vases, and pots!
I have a pretty good collection of concrete everything, including these vintage Greek urns.
My neighbors think I am collecting birdbaths. I'm sure they think I'm crazy! Crazy for concrete maybe!
And if you are looking for vintage wrought iron furniture, I have ALOT!!! I really do have at least one of everything! Patio table and chairs. loveseat, sidetables, plantstands, ect. I just recovered these two chairs, and they go with a glass topped wrought iron table.
And it wouldn't be a garden fair, without a few plants! I'm glad the sun finally decided to come out yesterday!

I decided this old wagon needed to be painted with a patriotic theme. It would be really cute sitting on some body's porch with a pot of plants in it!
It seems I have collected alot of benches too! A rusty old milk stool anyone?
The picket fence looks sooo much better painted white. The plant show starts at 9:00 am, and goes until 4:pm. We will be waiting for you!