Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Vintage Gathering Thank-you!, followed by some rest and relaxation!

It is always such a whirl wind setting up for the flea market, that I never seem to find the time to take some pictures before the masses come through. I really need to work on this! I did remember to take some pictures of my space later in the day though.
This was my best Vintage Gathering flea market yet! I would first like to say thank you to Cathy Foley for hosting us at her awesome place. Without her, there might not be a Vintage Gathering. A big thank you to my sister Jeanna, (whom I could kick myself for not getting a picture!) for helping me. My son Danny, and hubby for loading, unloading, and loading up what was left. And of course thank-you to all my awesome customers, cuz you are why I love to do this! I really, really do love doing these flea markets!

So, what happens after the whirl wind of a flea market?! Of course, we all start planning for the next one, which for me will be in September. I am taking the whole month of August with no flea markets planned, but still very action packed! First up, a much needed break, with alittle camping trip into Oregon.

We were so close to our first camping spot, however the truck decided it was just not meant to be! A good thing ODOT came along, and called us a tow truck. We spent our first night at the Bend Ford parking lot, arriving sometime around midnight. We were up bright and early the next morning begging, asking nicely to please fix us! After squeezing us into their very busy schedule, the prognosis was a broken injector thingy. Of course, the injector thingy was not cheap, but crap happens sooner or later! I think I'm glad it happened on day number one, and now onward with the relaxing vacation! And a big thank you to "Roberson Ford" in Bend, Oregon!

This is a happy camper! We managed to score three nights at the Cove Palisades campground. We always fly by the seat of our pants. Who needs reservations?! Life is more interesting that way! It was 85 degrees plus everyday, and no bugs! All the comforts of home....showers, running water, good book, marshmallows. I'm a happy camper now too!

The campground sits right next to Lake Billy Chinook. That is Mt. Hood in the background. When I go camping, a large mass of water is required for cooling off, and this lake is huge! If you have a boat, this is the place to go.

Since we have no boat (yet), we decided to rent a wave runner and explore the lake. This was our first time here. We'll definitely will be back with a boat next time. (right, honey?!)

On our way home, we stopped at a park next to Eagle Crest, outside of Redmond, Oregon. There were a couple of swans in the creek. I have never seen swans in the wild. They were so beautiful!

For our last night of camping, we headed back to Clear Lake, which was 5 miles from where we broke down the first night. Lucky again! We got the last spot in the campground! Very beautiful, back to where everything is green again.

We took a hike along the McKenzie River to check out a waterfall.

Sahalie Falls was spectacular! As was my vacation! I even got to do some junking on the way home. And with that, I was truly a happy camper!