Thursday, June 23, 2011

It Must Be Time For Another Vintage Gathering Flea Market, Cuz My House Looks Like A Furniture Store!

I am up to my arms and body parts in vintage furniture! I really would like to have my house back, as it is looking like a scene from "Hoarders". I have been saving all of it for better weather, and thankfully it is looking good for this Saturday!

She was a bit too sparkly for me, so I had to spray paint her white. It will go with all of her outfits!

I found this baby last summer, and it is awesome! If I had the room, she would be a keeper, right in my dining room.

Oops! It got in there twice! She is sooo vain......

I thought I would do up some chairs to sit around the library table. I just happened to find six very sturdy old chairs, with nail head trim. I had a vision. The next time I even think about painting that many chairs, I think I'll shoot myself! I should be painting the last two chairs right now, but no, I am blogging and avoiding it, and then I still have to recover the seats....I need more coffee!

My Mom will be helping at the sale on Saturday. She is the best Mom ever! She has a birthday in a few days too. She will be 75. Don't tell her I told you her age, cuz she would kill me. Just wish her a Happy Birthday! Next to her, is my beautiful daughter, Alicia. She just graduated from Portland State, and she is headed to Syracuse, NY to grad school. I am so proud of her! In front is my sister Jeanna, and her beautiful daughter, Shelby. Jeanna had her own space at our last AVG sale, and she is hooked! She is gathering up more stuff for the July sale, and sitting this one out. Isn't if funny how these flea markets seem to turn into a family affair? I am so very lucky.

We will have some new guest vendors for our June sale, and I can tell you that I have seen their talent. They have some very neat stuff. I am really loving these AVG flea's, cuz each one is different. The start time will be 0800!!! Gotta go finish painting some chairs....