Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wow! That was an accomplishment for me!

Well, I met up with that higher intelligent life of computers.... and that would be my hubby. He always seems to come to my rescue! We managed to get a few pictures on the blog, but there must be a faster way. As my mom said when I was a little girl taking piano lessons, practice, practice, practice! So, I will continue to practice this new blog aventure, and hopefully I can get better in the process. I guess this will definetly help me learn some new computer skills, which I am really lacking. I know that is why I have been putting off starting a blog for so long......afraid to try something new. For now, I'm just taking small baby steps.

The reason I started this blog is because I wanted to share "all my shabby passions". I grew up on a dairy farm here in Battle Ground. Who knew that the buckets I used to feed the baby calves with would someday be in my shabby decor? Maybe, that's why I love the "shabby look" so much, because it is all wonderful and familiar to me. I think I had the best childhood a girl could ever ask for....


  1. Hi Michelle,
    The header looks great! It captures your style very well. Congrats on the accomplishment.

  2. Annette-
    I really appreciate all your help getting me started! When is my next lesson?

  3. Hey, you did it! I love it so far, keep up the good work! Hopefully we'll see you again at the coming season of sales! Karen