Monday, July 26, 2010

The Big One!

Almost time!.....And the reason I say the "big one", because we're expecting alot of company to our next Vintage Gathering flea market. Our neighbors up the road, The BarnHouse Boys, are also putting on a really big flea market. Whenever they are open for business, we can expect to be very busy! Like crazy busy!
I still have a couple of birdbath's left from my last flea market in July. I really don't like packing concrete around, so make me an offer I can't refuse!

This statue is one of my new finds. I have been finding some cool concrete pieces lately.

I love this wrought iron bistro set! This will be coming to the flea this Saturday too. So, I have a question. Do I leave the old faded fabric on, or should I recover it with some new fabric? It seems like whatever fabric I use, somebody would rather have another color. Decisions, decisions! What do you think?

Another new concrete find. This is a three piece fountain, and it is adorable! I don't mind packing this one around!

I actually acquired this set with motel chairs, by knocking on the lady's door. I have been driving by them for two years, and they have been sitting in her front yard, through the rain and snow. Poor chairs! They deserve better than that! So, I thought I was rescuing them! It turns out that Edna was planning on selling them anyway. I call it perfect timing! You just never know. These will be coming to the sale too.

My son, Danny is planning on helping me again with the Vintage Gathering flea market. Boy, is he in for a surprise, when he see's how busy we're gonna be! He'll be the one carrying the concrete to your car that you might want to buy!


  1. Hi Michelle,
    I say leave the chairs and let the next person recover them. It is such an easy task, or you could offer to recover them for the buyer.....
    See you Sat., Annette

  2. I agree with Annette, leave the faded fabric on...more vintage looking anyways right? You've got some CUTE stuff, I can't wait to see it all...and that pic of your son is hilarious! See you soon!! Lisa :-)