Monday, March 8, 2010

Hop on over..

to Uncovered Ruby this Saturday, March 13 1030-4, for some spring inspiration! We are having a progressive vintage garden sale with three other awesome places to visit, and shop. Uncovered Ruby will be serving up some tea and scones for everyone. Sounds very British!...(insert vintage British flag here).
Oh, yes! I'm feeling very royal here! We have all the makings for a fantastic Spring tea! Teapots, teacups, vintage silver, and dishes. I don't know about you, but I love to invite my girlfriends over for alittle "Spring Fling!" Don't forget your proper attire...vintage hat, gloves, and maybe a pretty vintage apron to catch all those crumbs!

The Easter bunny has already been here..... I would much rather find some "vintage love "in my Easter basket , than a big ol' hunk of chocolate! (well, maybe just a little chocolate..)

There is your coffee server, ready to serve up your guests in style! Sometimes things just taste better when you have a beautiful visual in front of you. I'm sure your friends will agree.

Cubbie love......Don't forget to check in all the nooks and crannies!

I love to look in Pottery Barn. Do you know why? To see what the latest and greatest things they have copied from us....what we have been doing for years....using what we have, looking for the unique piece to make a statement, reusing grandma's tea set, bringing that birdcage inside, with maybe a real nest with some faux eggs. And then I look at the Pottery barn prices..... Holy Cow!
I can find the real McCoy at Uncovered Ruby's for a whole lot less! I do have a space here folks, but I also love to shop here too! What is great about this shop, is that all the dealers have a different look, and we all love different things, just like you.

I'm praying for a sunny day March 13th, so I can bring some of my new spring inspiraton, and park it outside the shop on the sidewalk. Don't cha love this bench? So, what cha waitin' for? Hop on over!


  1. Michelle,
    Good work! It looks very inviting so I will have to "hop on over"!

  2. Hi Michelle, Sounds like a very fun day!! Thanks for spreading the word!!

  3. How, oh how can I skip out on my twins' birthday party? I'm still gonna try and see how it goes, maybe I'll do Friday night, and Dad can do Saturday. Your blog's looking real good, too! Karen

  4. Great blog and good luck this weekend. Florence

  5. Hi Sweat Pea,
    you have a blog now...Yeah.....
    Hope to see you soon. You left me a very special comment....Back at ya babe