Monday, March 29, 2010

My Spring Trip..(Paradise Revisited !)

Six years ago, I married this man in St. Lucia, West Indies. It was a barefoot wedding on the beach, at sunset. He planned the entire trip, wedding, and honeymoon himself. All I had to do was find myself a dress...... easy enough...... and wonder where he was taking me!? I was more than happy to find myself on a beautiful island in the Caribbean, with the man I love.

Six years later, we decided to revisit our little paradise for our spring trip. Don't I still look like a blushing bride?! (or maybe, that could be my sunburn!)

We found an all inclusive resort with a nice big pool, and swim up bar.

Ah, who needs a swim-up bar when you already have a pool boy?! Thanks, honey!

We took a boat excursion around the island. St Lucia is famous for this view of the Pitons. Don't let the clouds fool you. It was 85-88 degrees each day, and very humid, so it was great to cool off, and do some snorkeling on this boat trip too.

This is the town of Soufriere, as we were coming back from a trip up to the volcano. Isn't it beautiful? Most locals I talked to, have never left the island. St. Lucia is only 43 miles long, and 15 miles wide, although it seems bigger, because of all the windy roads.

Gotta love the road side stands, selling their local wares. I wanted to buy some locally made viagra rum, and pass it around our group, but no one was "up" for that!

We also went into the town of Castries, where they have an open air market everyday, but Sunday. I was more interested in the rusty wrought iron table holding their fruit!

Rather than fly all the way home in one day, we decided to take a break in Miami for a few days. What's the deal with the rain?! I'm trying to keep my tan here! We actually had to buy sweatshirts, and an umbrella. With no sun to bask in, I guess we'll have to go shopping! This store window pulled both of us in........Look at all the old sewing machines! How cool! Must see more! (of course the hubby knew this was a trick!) Proceed with caution.....

All the props in this store had come out of an old sewing factory in London. All the clothes were displayed on old work benches, and old steel pipes. This is a European store! So now I'm thinking I must buy at least one thing in here! I'd rather not tell you how much I spent on one cute little t-shirt, but it's a souvenir, right?!

I guess they have a store in Los Angeles too. It's just fun to look.......and maybe buy a souvenir.


  1. Hi Michelle! What great photos. Was wondering today if you were home yet and if you've had junquein' withdrawal....? See you soon, Sue xoxo

  2. Looks like a super vacation. I was in FL with the rain, too!! Every one complained about how cold it was...normal for us!

  3. Oh how jealous I go somewhere tropical and warm! You and Dan look positively wonderful, and it's hilarious that our junquing hearts follow us everywhere we go..forget the bananas, I liked that rusty table too!
    Lisa :-)

  4. He is definately a keeper. Looks like a wonderful trip.
    Happy Easter

  5. Congratulations on your six-year anniversary. I also want to let you know that one year ago, I was a new blogger too, and struggled here and there with pictures, tech stuff, and new lingo. One year from now, you'll be able to look back in amazement. I think you're off to a great start!

  6. Love your header! THANKS bunches for the visit to my place and your sweet shop is in Idaho.