Monday, November 29, 2010

Dreaming of a white Christmas.....

A week ago, the picture outside my window looked like this.....So pretty!!
But lately, my dreaming of a white Christmas has been more of this! I have been on a non-stop marathon getting ready to make my debut at the Monticello Christmas show this Friday, December 3rd.

The usual, lots of sanding, painting, cleaning, pricing. What do I take first? Do I have enough stuff? How much furniture can I fit into a 10x5 space? I'm feeling abit stressed!!! Tomorrow is move in day for me to set up. I am sooo ready....... but not everything is ready. Is it ever??!! As the saying goes, "Keep calm, and carry on". No time to keep calm!! I have stuff to do!

Maybe if I were a concrete cherub, I could look this calm. He will be going to Monticello.

This dresser really turned out nice. I was thinking it would make a nice buffet too. So, the Christmas show at Monticello starts Friday at 0800. Then, Uncovered Ruby's is having a girl's night out from 4pm-8pm on the same day. So much excitement in one day! The shop really does look beautiful, and everyone will be have things on sale. I just love a vintage Christmas.

See you there!

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  1. Love all the things for Monticello! Best of luck with all the things you do for that sale and especially for selling bunches of good stuff!!!