Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Big News To Shout Out!

I have lots to tell! But first, I would like to say good-bye to Jack. I look forward to his visit every year. Halloween is probably my most fun holiday to decorate up the house. I have lots of vintage Halloween, but this year I choose to put up only my most precious things, and keep it simple.
Could it be that my life is actually getting simpler? If you saw my house, you'd think not! It's currently very cluttered! I think after becoming a dealer, that going out whole hog for every holiday just doesn't seem as important anymore.

Girls of Uncovered Ruby. Sounds like a calender, doesn't it? We do like to get together "after hours" too. And we even have some fun! Have you ever tried to run with a pumpkin between your legs? Well, I can check that off my list now! From left to right, me, Karen, Sally, Lisa, and Nina.

Now, on to some of my big news! I have moved to a bigger space at the shop. It seems that I have acquired alot of furniture lately, and I needed a bigger showcase. Good time to get out some Christmas things, while I'm at it. I do love my new space! Come find me tucked in the back of the shop. I have brought alot of new things in.

Now I have room to display this buffet. It's a perfect time, because the holiday's are coming up, and you'll be having lots of company.

Can't forget Thanksgiving!

I even have an old workbench in my new space! I love it!

Cute vintage dresser!

I have been saving this mantel for Christmas time. It is beautiful all decked out for Christmas! It's six feet wide, with lots of room to display on. It wouldn't break my heart if it didn't sell right away. The Christmas lights are so pretty!

Hang on to your bonnet.... I have more news! I will be a guest vendor for the Christmas show at Monticello in December. I am very excited about this! So, you can see, I have alot going on, and alot to do! Did I actually say something earlier about living life simpler? !


  1. Love the look of your new space. You did need more room. Looking forward to seeing your display at Monticello.

  2. Ok Michelle, it looks like I have worms crawling all over my shirt, let's clarify that that's macaroni noodles for everyone! I'm excited to see you at Monticello's show! Lisa ;-)

  3. Michelle, You are really one busy girl! I am just catching up on my blogging, seeing what everyone's doing. I am so busy this month, but after this, I'm slowing down, and I am going to take the time to get up there and visit and see all your wonderful stuff! Can't wait! Have fun in your bigger space, AND that's great about Monticello! Karen

  4. Good to see you last night at Sally's. Love your enthusisiam and love the princess wand!