Friday, February 4, 2011

I love my space at Uncovered Ruby's!

I have been at Uncovered Ruby's almost 3 years now. I moved to the back of the shop to a bigger space 3 months ago. All I have to say is...........What took me so long?!! It certainly wasn't the lack of stuff , cuz everyone knows, I could probably fill up the entire store! I simply cheaped out, and was afraid to commit. Just let me say, that the last 3 months have been fabulous!! I would like to say a big thank you to all my awesome customers! I really love what I do, and decorating my space, feels like it has become an extension of my home.
My mantel sold last week, and I am both happy, and sad. It was a great focal point, and so much fun to decorate. I know someone else will love it as much as I did. I will have to put a mantel back on my shopping list!

I just took this industrial stainless steel table to the shop.

Took in a few new lamps too! I have noticed that the more lights that I have, the better my space looks. Why have I just discovered that?!

I have this awesome primitive farm table tucked in the back. I would think it should be going to a new home soon. I also just brought in the industrial green cart in the corner. I used it for a bar at Christmas time, and it was a hit!

Cute cubby bookcase filled with vintage goodies!

I love this pink chest/dresser. Calling all pink lovers! If you saw it at the Monticello Christmas show, I have reduced the price for you. I think the concrete cherub would make a nice Valentine's gift for that special someone. Who doesn't love concrete!?? I truly would rather have concrete, than chocolate! Concrete is forever!

I will be heading to the shop today with some more goodies, and I always love to check out what all the other vendors are up to. Every week I go, there is something new going on. If you have not been in to see us in a while, you will be pleasantly surprised! Have a great week-end!


  1. Hi Michelle, Your space looks awesome!! I'll be opening the shop this morning, maybe I'll see ya. Are you going to Junk Salvation with us tomarrow?? Sue xoxox

  2. You sold the mantel! I can see how you'd be happy and sad, it was a great show piece:)

  3. Hi Michelle, the space looks great. There are a couple of things I have my eye on but am trying so hard not to accumulate anything more.

  4. Your space is beautiful Michelle. I have several pics of it on my camera to put on the blog! Lisa ;-)

  5. It looks great! Love seeing your creative style!

  6. I'm an antique dealer too, and love having a mantel as a focal point in my booth. We have very similar tastes, because I have a large pink painted cupboard in my space, as well as a love of concrete! It's nice to meet a kindred spirit!

  7. One more place to visit when I get over that way...looks fun!

  8. Michelle,
    Wow your space looks awesome! I need to come up and take a look! I'm sad I missed out on the mantle :( It looks so beautiful!


  9. Hi sweet friend,
    How are you???
    Hope you are having a good day and hope to see you soon!!