Monday, September 20, 2010

Vintage Gathering Fall Finale And Recent Finds

The last Vintage Gathering flea market of the year is this Saturday, September 25th, from 8-4. You could start your day with us, and then mosey on up to BarnHouse, which opens at 9:00. We are hoping for some nice weather, so Mother Nature can get all this rain out of her system now! My birthday is on Thursday, and I can't ever remember her raining on my parade! Of course we are having a record rainfall in our neck of the woods, but the show must go on.
I found this perfect old crackly and crazed dresser a few weeks ago at an estate sale. All it needed was a bath, and some new knobs. Why do people always loose the knobs?!
I almost didn't buy this table with the metal legs, and nail head tacks, cuz it wouldn't fit in my car. But then the guy said his dad made this for a hunting table, and the metal legs unscrewed for easy traveling. Say no more, it's mine!

This table was from a different sale. I swear the guy was a hoarder. It was the only thing that I picked up, that he was willing to let go for a reasonable price. His shed was full of stuff, but most of it was falling apart, and to him, it was worth alot more than I was willing to pay. An old rusty flour sifter was 5 dollars. No thank-you!

Back to the estate sale..........I would say this old library table, was the most exciting thing I found! It has two drawers on the other side. It would be so cool for a dining table.

This old cupboard will be great for displaying stuff. It has a bunch of shelves inside too. More painting to do!

I almost didn't see this quilt at the estate sale, cuz I was so busy looking at all the cool junk. From the corner of my eye, I saw a lady hold it up, and for some reason, she didn't want it. I did a show motion run over there, looked at it, and it was all hand stitched! This quilt was huge! I can't ever imagine having that much time in my life to do something so beautiful as that. I don't know that much about quilts, but I know it was worth alot more than what I gladly paid.

Does anyone know what a quilt this size might go for? So much to learn in this business.

Also found an old industrial cart at the estate sale. If I were smart, I would keep this to haul all my junk around. I'll keep it for awhile ..........I have at least another show planned, but we'll save that for another day.


  1. Great finds! Hope to see you Saturday. Just depends if I get all my chores done before then. :)

  2. Have a great show, I will miss you all, as I will be up at Mt Hood for the weekend. Hugs to all. Florence

  3. Fun, fun stuff! I love the quilt! The only quilt I've ever sold I had it at $65, and they are very, very hard to find, especially in that good of condition. It's supposed to be sunny and 76 this weekend, Happy Birthday girl!! Lisa ;-)

  4. Hi Michelle, sorry I can't help with the is a great one, though. I'll see you this weekend and in the meantime have yourself a Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

  5. Hi Michelle
    I love the industrial cart that you found! Hope you had a great birthday

  6. Hi there,
    I will be happy to ship magazines for you, even locally! It doesn't change the price,