Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some new finds

Well, I've been blogging enough about my personal life on my last two posts. Now I need to get back to some good junky business! Remember that really hot day about a month ago, that reached a 100 degrees? Well, it turned out to be a very good junking day for me. There weren't too many garage saler's out that day, so I didn't have to fight anybody off! This big corner shelf will have to get some new paint. On the shelf is a vintage rooster, a funny sign, and an old cookie jar. On the ground is an old army blanket, chalkware doggie dish, a ledger, and old tin.
I thought this rolling cart was cool, cuz it folds up. A couple of old metal kids chairs, a couple of old wheels, old metal rakes, old drawer, shabby shutters, and some picket fence.

I always have to pick up vintage Christmas stuff. It's never to early to be thinking about Christmas. This Santa is cute, he is battery operated.

Another pile of stash! An old toolbox, granite ware muffin tin, and coffeepot, old scale, large enamelware pitcher, shabby stool, and a shabby lamp. This is all such great stuff for some Fall decorating!

A Victorian doll buggy, with a couple of old dolls to boot!

Love the chair in the middle! I have never seen a chair as pretty, and dainty as this! The lady I got this from said her mother had all different chairs around the kitchen table, and this was one of those chairs. The two darker oak chairs are just classics. The shabby little footstool has already got a new paint job. And a wrought iron spiral shelf to display your pumpkins on.

Cute little old rusty wagon, metal shelves, and a John Deere tractor. My daddy was a farmer, and he swore by good old John Deere. Another old ledger, and old horsehair brush.

Oh yes! the garage sale gods were very good to me! I actually found this stuff by simply following a sign. It wasn't on the list, but some times you just have to venture off the planned list! A very nice vintage dress form, wicker dress form, shoe forms, suitcase, hanger display form, and train case. I've already repainted the cute little dresser. No ivy for me please!

Pretty frame........

The hubs started fixing this dresser, as soon as I got it home. It has a bunch of ornate molding, so it will look great after some paint.

Got this from an estate sale of an old WW2 vet. He was a Flying Tiger.

This is his old army trunk, another shabby wagon, and rusty wheelbarrow for some fun Fall displays. Gotta go, the hubs is calling me to go to the gym. I gotta keep fit, cuz junking isn't for the weak!


  1. You do find some great stuff. The frame, the middle chair and the blue shutters are my favs. Hope to see you soon,

  2. Awesome Treasures! There are way too many that are my favs to list. See you at the Vintage Gathering later this month.