Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Walking to the beach

Last week-end I took alittle walk to Seaside, Oregon. That would be 127 miles from Portland. It's called the Portland to Coast, and it's the largest relay race in the Pacific Northwest. There are 1,000 running teams (Hood to Coast), and 400 walking teams. My walking team consists of two guys, and six girls, all in one van until we reach the beach. Yep, it's nice and cozy! And yep, we do get smelly! It's a good thing we like each other! Everyone on my team has to walk three legs, which are approximately 5-6 miles each. Oh yeah, and we have to walk fast.....very fast!
After only 15 miles into the race, we had some van trouble. Good grief!, this picture looks too much like a picture from my camping trip a month ago. I do not want to repeat that! After a minor repair of replacing the fan belt, we are on our way. Now, remember, while the van is getting fixed our walker is still walking, and probably praying alot!

This is Heather, and she is the last walker on our team. She already has done two miles uphill in this picture, and is ready to start Pittsburgh Hill. Anyone who has done Hood to Coast, does not ever forget THAT hill! It continues uphill, but turns to gravel. Have you ever tried to walk really fast in gravel?! Not much fun..Heather is smiling, just thinking about what lays ahead....NOT! Please do not ever put me on that hill!

Heather passes off to me, and I start my second leg walking the remaining 5 miles in gravel. If you look really close behind me, it looks like the hillbillies live there. They were burning their garbage that day....lovely smell! I always get alittle nervous passing this here place. I am also smiling here, but don't let that fool you! My butt is actually on fire! And I mean that, in a painful sort of way. Every year I ask myself, why I do this?! Oh yeah, it's fun?

Here is Kari, Jason, Robin, Teresa, and Heather standing around waiting for Tom to come flying in any minute, and hand off to Jody.

Oh yeah! This is why we do this every year. Party at the beach! This band was awesome! Even after walking close to 20 miles each, we still manage to shake out booties!

The weather was perfect....beautiful sunset.....

And we won third place in mixed walking!!! Number 3, out of 110 mixed teams, and 19th overall, out of 400 teams. Not bad for a bunch of country folks! I am very proud to be on this team. Thank you "Diamonds In The Rough"!


  1. So glad you did so well!!! Love the picture of the stage at sunset. Happy you made it home safe and well,

  2. Wow that is awesome. I could do some of that walking some day. Thanks for sharing your journey. Hugs Florence