Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Flea Market & Anniversary Party at Uncovered Ruby!

This Saturday, September 18th, be sure and set your clock early, cuz the party starts at 8AM!
The back parking lot will be magically transformed into a full blown flea market, with alot of very talented vendors anxiously awaiting you. If you have not started your fall decorating, this is sure to get you in the mood! I know I can hardly wait!
I have a really cute vanity and bench for sale inside the shop at Uncovered Ruby. Did I mention that the shop is having a sale too? Another good reason to come early!

I snapped only a few pictures of my booth, as I will be taking another load before the sale this Saturday. I can't show you everything...........that would ruin the fun!

On another note, I might as well show you what I've been up too. I've been up to my eyeballs in paint! When I found those three finials, the color was all wrong. They turned out as beautiful as I imagined! I am finding that the more that I paint, the more confident I am becoming with my projects. I am learning so much! Someday I hope to graduate to power tools!

I love old mirrors! Don't you? I have quite a few in my house. I have so many, that some people might think I'm vain. Nah.............

This cubby shelf thing has been sitting in the garage waiting for paint, for almost a year now. I finally felt inspired to paint it. Those cubby holes took some time!

I saw a picture in a magazine of a painted cuckoo clock, and I thought it was so beautiful! Of course it was alot of moola too. So I said to myself, if I ever find a cuckoo clock, I'm going to do that! Did I also mention that I found this last summer? My statue of limitations is a year......do it now.....or I never, ever, will. I didn't feel too bad spray painting it, cuz it doesn't work any more, but a cuckoo clock is like a work of art. Just because it doesn't work, doesn't mean it isn't beautiful.


  1. Don't you just wish you could paint the awkward things in life with a fresh, shiny coat of white paint? Like that crabby lady in line at Walmart---or that little mole who is lurking in your yard...yes...white makes it all better.
    Love that cuckoo clock---truly fabulous.

  2. Oh Michelle you crack me up! That cuckoo clock is great, who would've thunk it?? :-) Lisa

  3. I love the clock! I can imagine what my husband would do if I painted one of his precious clocks lol. Yours is so pretty! Can't wait to FINALLY get to see all of you, we've been having withdrawals lol. We got the trailer loaded already tonight, it's going to be too busy the next couple of days with some other things. Now all I've got to do is bake on Friday! Well, AND go down and set up! See ya then! Karen

  4. It was good to see you the other day! I wonder how I missed seeing those tavern candles? I have some that my friend wants to take from me lol. She loves Tavern candles! See you soon, Karen